Future Value Generation

a woman holding up a book about the future of a business
a woman holding up a book about the future of a business
Today's companies face constant change, striving to adapt quickly while creating future opportunities.

However, they often experience disappointing results. In Future Value Generation, Daniel Egger presents a persuasive solution: integrating innovation, strategy, and foresight. This missing connection results in a focus on the present and an urgent need to prepare for future challenges.

As change accelerates, executives must respond proactively to shape their organization's future. The key to generating new value lies in integration. The book reveals the advantages of linking innovation, foresight, and strategy, providing a framework for agile strategic implementation, continuous innovation alignment, and future value creation.

With practical insights and novel perspectives, Future Value Generation is a guide to building successful, profitable organizations for the future.

Download for free the Future Value Framework and the book illustration in Hi-Res